How To Make Money Off Surveys In 2021

If you look up best side-hustles, ten-thousand articles will appear explaining how you can make forty-dollars per hour by completing surveys. But for those of us who’ve tried these apps, you tend to find that you never even qualify for the surveys. Even when you do get a survey they seem to pay nothing. You might be lucky to get one dollar per hour using these surveys. Money like this seems insignificant when you see these companies advertising thousands.

So why do all of these article say that you’re going to be the next Bill Gates by taking surveys? It all comes down to what everything else comes down to, money. The truth is that instead of paying people that take the surveys, they pay me through my affiliate link. So, before we start I am legally required to tell you that there are affiliate links in the article below that makes me money at no expense to you, and I am not a financial advisor.

Viewer Discretion: Many links below contain affiliate links, meaning I make money with no extra expense to you. I am not a financial advisor and it is your decision to partake in the following activities.

Survey apps make money by selling your all so expensive information. The problem with this is that it’s hard and expensive to get people to take these surveys without help. So, companies like hiring trained professionals in persuasive techniques with a captive audience to do it for them. They use a system called affiliate links to pay bloggers low wages to promote the surveys. Most business expenses of survey apps go to affiliate marketing over the actual survey cost.

Not only this, the apps almost never let you finish the survey. Surveyors always find a way to say you’re unqualified for the survey. A tactic like this means they get your personal information without paying a penny. Some survey apps may pay well, but they can take hours to find a survey that actually


 In fact, only a few apps are worth having if you want to make some extra income. Out of all of these money-making apps, Google Rewards is the only legit one that is on the list. Google Rewards doesn’t pay much, but if you take a survey you are guaranteed money. The surveys take fifteen seconds to one minute, and pay between ten cents and one-dollar.

My earnings of one year in Google Rewards

You cannot constantly take surveys, but instead they pop up based on your location and even your search history. I haven’t heard of any body making more than ten dollars a year, but the surveys are also very short and don’t take any time to complete. At the end of the day, it is free money and, by far, it’s the only survey app worth getting.

The most important thing to remember in money is to be patient. No apps can automatically make you rich. Google Surveys is a great way to earn small amounts of money in order to invest to make other small amounts of money. You can use this money to pay for savings and investments apps such as Acorns, where if you sign up here you can have a free five dollars invested for free. Apps like Webull, Acorns, Yotta (use code GETYOURGREENZ for free tickets), and Google Rewards are by far the best apps to use to make money. If you would like to learn more about Yotta click here.


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