How To Make Money Off Of Pokémon Cards

Reselling cards has become more popular as it has turned into more of a business, than a hobby. From Pokémon Cards to Sports Cards, these small collectibles should be worth nothing, but are selling for millions. Many places sell these collectibles, but E-Bay is the most popular with the most chance of profit.

Cards are small and cheap with a low margin for profit, usually. So, when reselling cards, it is crucial that you take every advantage for profit. The best way to resell these cards is always to buy from locals, but today we will be discussing how to buy and sell from eBay. A practice such as this can be more risky, but, when done correctly, can generate more money.

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Reselling Cards

When reselling cards, the most important thing you need to know is the details. The card market goes for whatever someone is willing to pay for it, and knowing this can help a lot. Some cards are worth thousands more because they don’t have “shadows”. Another important fact is that there aren’t any major card resellers. Instead, the business is left to many small merchants which often leaves some cards varied in price. Cards such as these are usually the most profitable.

Shadow less compared to a shadow card. A potential difference of millions.

Two types of Pokémon reselling are best when strictly using E-bay. These strategies are known as binder buying and singling out cards. Since Pokémon cards can have a low profit margin, I would suggest getting an app known as Acorns to help reduce your net cost. Acorns is an app that will automatically invest money for you. On your first purchase on EBay, Acorns will give you one percent of your purchase invested back. Not only this, but if you sign up here today, Acorns will give you a free five-dollar deposit when you deposit five or more dollars.

Binder Buying

The safest way to resell Pokémon cards is by binder buying. Binder buying is when you buy a binder with many high priced cards and sell them individually. For example, if you buy a fifty dollar binder with two cards worth twenty-five dollars, you can then sell the rest in a bulk package for profit. When I sold my Pokémon collection from when I was a child I made this mistake.

I sold my binder for one-hundred dollars, not realizing that I had a forty dollar card and two twenty dollar cards. If I had sold those cards individually, I could’ve then bulk sold the remaining cards for around fifty dollars. The best part of binder buying is usually most sellers are people trying to sell off their old card collection. Meaning, it’s the perfect time to swoop in and low-ball them on your offer in order to get more money on your resell.

Singling Out Cards

My personal favorite way of flipping Pokémon is by picking cards with varied prices and buying the cheapest cards in order to increase the value of the card. For example, Ancient Mew is a card that currently goes for twenty to forty dollars on eBay. A great idea would be to buy the twenty dollar cards and resell them for thirty-five dollars. People have already discovered this and have caused the price of this particular card to spike.

Always bargain down as much as you can during this process because it can be fairly risky. The popularity of Pokémon cards means that if someone else is sitting on large amounts of cards they could release all theirs and hurt the value of your cards. I would also suggest only reselling popular cards that are often selling. These would include notable names such as Charizard or pretty much any first edition card.

Many side hustles exist, but currently this is one of the best. If you would like to learn more about other ways of making money, check out this article here to learn about how to make more money with surveys.


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