How To Make Stunning Pinterest Posts For Blogging

Pinterest posts are some of the best ways to promote your blog in order to gain more traffic. The best way to make Pinterest posts for blogging is Crello. Crello offers the most features and best templates for blogging posts on Pinterest. Even with this said, there are many tricks to get more clicks on your links in your Pinterest account.

When I started my website, everyone told me to go immediately to Pinterest for views. Pinterest was supposed to be the gold mine for bloggers and the ultimate way to go from zero to one-thousand views per month. However, I had no clue how to make posts that would go viral or even how to use Crello (tutorial at bottom).

After a month or two of making Pinterest posts, I do have advice for how to get more link clicks and viewers and to make Pinterest posts more clickable and likeable. My Pinterest account is still very small, but without spending a dime I’ve grown it to ever fifty followers and around five-thousand monthly viewers in just a few weeks with these tips.

The Rule Of Thirds

The first thing that I’ve learned is if you remember the rule of thirds you are much more likely to get clicks. The rule of thirds states that people are more likely to see the picture as top, middle, and bottom. Most people try to make their posts in halves, which is less appealing for the average viewer. My top posts have all come from using an arrow between two objects and the title at the top.

A format such as this stands out because of the rule of thirds and is, therefore, much more likely to appeal to potential viewers. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that white space, or space where only the background is visible, is a key factor in the popularity of the post.

My Most Popular Post

White space keeps the post looking simple and clean. Doing too much with your post is a common error I see in Pinterest. Sometimes the best thing to do is simply put black text on a white background and it can blow up.


The oddest thing I’ve noticed with Pinterest is that sometimes the most effective posts don’t get the views. The posts with the most links clicks are not always your most popular posts. Meaning, views shouldn’t always be what you’re focused on.

You should always be focused on getting link clicks. Link clicks are why you got into Pinterest. I’ve made generic posts that got lots of views but didn’t get any link clicks. I’ve made posts that were very specific that got little to no views but, yet, pulled in lots of clicks for my website.

With that being said, posts revolving around holidays are often seen as an amazing thing because they draw lots of potential customers in. However, I’ve found that focusing on a specific area is a much better way to get clicks. In general, broad subjects are more likely to be ignored while specific posts are more likely to bring customers you actually wanted anyways.

I would try to avoid awkward or childish background pictures. People only want to click on posts that revolve around the information that they want to know. You didn’t want your post to be taken as a joke although some light hearted humor could help some.


The most important thing I’ve learned in my Pinterest journey is to remember who the audience is. Pinterest users are mostly made up of a female base.  So, targeted posts specifically for females always do amazing. Even when I’m just pinning to grow my account, if I pin something that’s female oriented it gets tons of views and impressions. Don’t forget, Pinterest is not made of younger teens such as Snapchat, so newer pop-culture references won’t do you much good.

Also, STAY AWAY FROM POLOTICS unless that’s what your blog is about.  Also, no matter how tempting it is never clickbait. When I first started I used a lot of clickbait. The posts all performed really well but I found that viewers saw that it was clickbait when they clicked on my link. Then, they immediately realize and stop reading.

So if they don’t read your articles that means they don’t click on any links or click on any ads. When they don’t click on any ads, you don’t make any money. If you don’t make any money, then you can’t feed yourself. If you can’t feed yourself, then you die. In other words, anyone who clickbaits dies.

Honestly, the best thing you can do is work overtime and see what works best for you. Try not to be too broad, and make your posts look good.  Eventually, you will learn a style that fits your personality and blog. Once you find this style, you will start to see more and more traffic daily.


Crello is a social media tool that is extremely easy to use. Crello allows you five free designs per month, but you can get ten more for free if you sign up using my link here.

To start, look up Pinterest Post and click Blank Pinterest Graphic. The first thing I would do is pick a background. If you pick a color, either pick an overly bright color or a dark one. If you pick an image, I would make sure the picture is fairly dark as it is easier to write something over the picture in white than black.

Now, there are ten sections below. If you need any of them explained I will write a detailed paragraph about each individual section.


For most bloggers, I would suggest starting from scratch. However, on a rough day a template can be the perfect way to quickly create a post. A template is basically a pre-set up post in which the layout has already been made. All you have to do is change the words or the pictures and you’ve got your post in no time.


Photos are where you can look up copyright free images and add them into your post. The deposit photos cost money to use so I would try to avoid them. I would also suggest not overusing these images as their popularity means that the exact picture you’re using is used in thousands of others.

From here you will have many other options in order to edit your picture. These features include such as Remove Background, Filters, and Cropping. Since all of these are pretty basic functions of most editors, I will not be going into great depth about how to use every one of these tools. The one tool that may be different is the layering button which can decide whether your text is over or under your picture.


Videos pretty much work exactly like photos. You have pretty much the same features except instead of cropping you have trimming. Videos can be an effective tool to experiment and mix things up. Crello also contains their video backgrounds in this tab which are backgrounds that move with cool patterns.


Music is probably the simplest category. If you chose to use music you simply add it to your video and cut it to the length you’d like. There is also a feature to add your own music to the post if you’d like.


Animations are pictures that can move on your post. In my opinion, these are very unnecessary for Pinterest unless you’re choosing to make a video. However, if you use an animation it contains the same editing tools as an image. The only difference between an image and the animation is that one moves.

Objects are the dream tool for a Pinterest blogger. Objects are basically images in a cartoonish form. With objects, you change the color, the border thickness, and the transparency. Once again, the tools are fairly commonly used so I won’t be going into great depth about them. But, the tools that are most important are probably the fill button which can change the color of the object.


The Background may be the most important part of any post. In Crello you have the option to pick three different backgrounds. These backgrounds include patterns, photos, and colors. All you have to do is pick the background you would like and adjust to where you want it to sit on your post. Patterns and photos are basically the same thing, except photos cost money.

You can use animations to enhance your background. You can also change the color, filter, and transparency of the background.


While text is extremely simple and the only thing you will need for every posts, for some reason I’ve found that it is the most difficult thing to use on Crello. You have five main fonts for the text. These include Heading, Sub-Heading, Body Text, Photo Text, and Video Text. I would suggest using these texts only for their intended usage.

It may be embarrassing, but when I first got Crello, I had no clue how to type. I didn’t know that in order to type you have to click in the box, unlike other social media post designers in which there is a separate box to type in. I can’t ever seem to type in the photo text or video text box unless I put the text mask on first. However, this may just be me.

The features of text are pretty standard among any platform with typing. When you click on your text a box called Text Settings will pull up allowing you to change the size, style, and dimensions of the text. At the top of the page you will see the options to change the color and other common features.

My Files

My Files is the only place that you can upload your own photos. Simply click Upload Image or Video and click on what you would like to use. The image or video will then show up at the bottom of the My Files tab and will be accessible for use as a background or simply a part of the post

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