The Three Million Dollar Side-Hustles You’ve Never Heard Of

When looking back at the most valuable side-hustles, reselling is probably taking the cake. They hype-beast reselling scene has made brands such as Stock-X and Supreme billion dollar brands, and made many small resellers extremely rich. But I’ve found that the resellers who make bank all have something in common. All of the resellers made their money by reselling the product before it became popular.


The money old venerated resellers have gained is mostly because of brands gaining value and old products going up in price. So, by starting in a reselling business before it blows up you can make thousands. Look no further than the What The Dunks, which were going for three-hundred dollars and are now worth over ten-thousand dollars. Or, even the Supreme Box Logo, which went for a couple hundred dollars and now goes for thousands.

So, if you could figure out the next big reselling thing, you could make thousands. The past three really big reselling items have been Supreme, shoes, and now we’re on to Pokémon cards and sports cards. With that being said, I’m beginning to see a pattern. The items become more limited and rare, and then are dropped in large amount of stocks. So, the next big reselling market will be jerseys.


The reason that jerseys will soon become a huge reselling market is pretty simple. Recently, more and more jerseys are becoming “hype beast” and surpassing their original retail price. For example, the Black Mamba Jersey and Vancouver Grizzlies Jerseys are going up in price consistently. Also, about five years ago basketball shoes were the thing to resell, so I believe everything is lining up for jerseys to be the next big resale item.

Black Mamba Jersey

Another reason I believe jerseys are going to go up in value is because they used to be a huge reselling factor. Back in the early 2000s, basketball jerseys were huge. Jerseys could be found in every music video. Even LeBron’s manager, Rich Paul, was making a career of selling jerseys.

The con of jerseys is that they would be really risky to invest in currently. No place really sells jerseys except eBay, which sells everything. The only jersey which is sold on Stock-X is the Black Mamba Jersey. Meaning, jerseys are currently a huge risk in buying for profit.

I do know of two side-hustles my friends have done that pretty much guarantee profit. They both are basically the same thing and require minimal effort. Both of these activities also are impossible to lose money at.

Golf Balls

The first side-hustle is reselling golf balls you find at golf courses. Since golf courses are vast and to rich old men the loss of a golf ball isn’t worth the effort, hundreds of golf balls are left at the course every day. So many golf balls are left every day that the courses don’t care at all if you take some and help them clean up.

The golf balls are left as free money, if you’re willing to put in the time to gather them and sell them. While it may seem like you’re getting nothing for your services, as you go along you’ll realize more and more how much money you’re truly making. You can easily gather twenty-five golf balls per day, which when resold is worth around twenty dollars. If you make twenty dollars per day, you will be making over even-thousand dollars per year. All of this comes with no risk except the time and effort you have to put in.

Golf ball selling is really the perfect side-hustle, since you don’t have to spend anything. With hard work, you can be given the opportunity to sell these balls for free and make thousands of dollars with no extra expense.

Tennis Balls

Another form of this is with tennis balls. Tennis balls are much harder to find but are typically worth much more than golf balls individually. The downsides of tennis ball are that no-one really lives on tennis courts. Also, since tennis balls are more expensive it’s less common for people to leave large amounts of them at the courts.

However, I used to play tennis and when I started out I didn’t have any balls. Within three of four trips I had found a dozen tennis balls. Most tennis balls are located outside the fences, so looking outside just the tennis courts can be a great way to find more balls.

When selling either of the balls you’ve collected, the best thing you can do is bulk sell them on eBay. I would suggest selling in quantities of twenty-five or one-hundred. All you have to do is make the listing and keep restocking.

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