Side Hustle Review: Can You Make A Full Time Job Off Zazzle?

Zazzle is an online market place that allows you to sell and put logos on a variety of products. The cite pays users small percentages that they pick on each sell, and the seller never has to pay anything. With all of these pros, Zazzle is undoubtedly worth it, and here is why.


The biggest pro of Zazzle is its simplicity. Some people sell shirts or hoodies with only words and get money from that. All you have to do is open a store and start designing. The seller will never have to pay a dime.

Instead, the seller receives a percentage of their sell, which they can set. Zazzle has a wonderful diversity of products, ranging from lunch-boxes to watches to t-shirts. The great diversity that Zazzle allows for a much better of your product being seen and purchased. With Zazzle prices being so versatile, it is easy to see why Zazzle can be a great platform for selling.

A beginner can start selling and have a chance at thousands by simply publishing designs. Zazzle is definitely one of the best places for artists to begin to sell their art online. With no entry fee, and a very simple format it cannot get any easier.

I have actually tried Zazzle before and my success was actually fairly surprising. In about a month, with zero advertising, I made ten dollars. I made all of this with absolutely zero art skills. I also spent probably less than three hours total on making the actual products. While this would be a terrible hourly wage, for a startup it wouldn’t not be that bad,

Snowball Effect

Your account would also grow over time. The time factor of Zazzle is a huge advantage. Zazzle does not necessarily have a formula based on recent products. So, you can put out a product in 2021 and in 2023 it will still be selling. The Zazzle formula creates a snowball effect which will mean you have to make less and less and yet you will be more successful.

So, even if you completely forget about Zazzle, there is a chance that you will still be making money years later as long as Zazzle is still not out of business. This snowball effect is unlike almost all other side-hustles where making more money revolves around investing more money and time.


The worst thing about Zazzle is undoubtedly how hard it is to get your first sale. My first sale was my mother, and from there the product that I made sold more and more until I had made the ten dollars. If you do not have a kind mother that is willing to do buy your product, it could easily take you up to five months to get your first sale.

The time period could be seen as very problematic because no-one wants to work super hard just to not see any results. The time period is a big reason that many people give up and quit along the way. While it is very hard to see progress when you are not seeing any results, it can be hard to imagine that later your results could pay off.


Another problem with Zazzle is despite the large range of products, Zazzle is still not very customizable. All you can really do is add a picture to the product. The picture cannot even cover the entire product and most products only have colors in a very limited quantity. Zazzle can also be seen as way over priced and too expensive. The overpricing actually makes sense when you think about the fact that Zazzle has to cover the price of the seller and the product.

However, the overpricing of the product means you have zero leverage when it comes to pricing your object. Except for rare items such as posters and items meant purely for art and not everyday use, it is hard to charge high rates on every day-to-day objects and expect people are willing to pay for them.

All of this leads to some people having a high number of followers and views but a low number of products sold. You can promote you Zazzle Account perfectly and still see a complete lack of sells due to the high prices Zazzle charges.

Zazzle Rating:

Despite numerous flaws in Zazzle, I would still strongly recommend it for anyone experienced with art who wants to make a living online. Overall, I would rate Zazzle a nine out of ten. While there are many factors to say Zazzle is a great service, there is a lot going against it.

I would like to see Zazzle expand their customizability in order to increase their ranking. While it is a great side-hustle, I think many better side-hustles exist. If you would like to learn more about side-hustles here are a few articles I have written explaining numerous side-hustles that I think could be very valuable information.

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