How Much Money Can Be Made On Tik Tok?

As you all know, Tik Tok is one of the fastest growing social media apps. In fact, according to one source Tik Tok has had over 2.6 billion downloads and one-billion acive users. Obviously, with big amounts of people crowing towards one source, big amounts of money are coming with it.

According to Forbes, Addison Rae took over five-million dollars home last year. Her fellow Tik Toker, Charlie D’amelio, took home just over four million. The truth is that these numbers are just estimates, and I would be willing to bet that these numbers are much higher. So, are these numbers achievable and how much money can you really make on an app made for simply dancing?

Limitless Tik Tok Money

The truth is, the amount of money that can be made on TikTok is nearly limitless. Social media stars targeting impressionable youth are the most valuable thing a company can find right now. Big companies could easily be paying millions of dollars in order to promote their brand. After all, Michael Jordan is a billionaire off of endorsements alone.

For most Tik Tokers, all of the money is in endorsements. I have heard multiple reports that the Tik Tok creator fund pays very little. So, I think most of the money you get will probably be from endorsements.

Now, obviously the amount of money you make greatly varies on the marketability of your content and the quality of your team. I believe a current estimate for how much Tik Tokers make is about five to ten thousand dollars per one-hundred thousand followers over the course of the year.

So, it is very possible that Tik Tokers with one-million followers are potentially making six-figures per year. However, I don’t think that Tik Tokers are yet to find their true potential. We are seeing an age where instead of Hollywood Actors being the famous ones, Tike Tokers and Youtubers are slowly taking over.

Big name celebrities like Kanye West are currently making in the ten-figures this year, and I think some Tik Tokers could be soon to follow. So, for the final answer to your question, there is so much money to be made on Tik Tok.

Even for small creators, don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged and think there’s not money to be made on Tik Tok when there’s potentially billions of dollars left to be made.


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