Can You Make Money Investing In Rolexes?

Rolex watches have always been a sign of wealth, power, and lavishness. The top one percent have always loved to flash their lavish timepieces to show their eccentric wealth. For normal people, we need a guarantee that if we buy something over four figures that we can get our money back and more. With that being said, if done correctly a Rolex watch can be an exceptional investment.

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The majority of Rolexes won’t go up exceptionally, but there are ways to plan for this and even make money. Rolexes are quite an exception in the jewelry world as I mentioned in the article here, because they are one of the few pieces of jewelry that can hold their value.

Since a Rolex is great at holding value, it is a great tool for wealthy people to diversify their portfolio. Historically speaking, even in economic depression Rolexes seem to hold their value. Since one of the main goals of wealthy people is to maintain their level of wealth at all time, a Rolex for a rich person is a magnificent tool.

The wealthy person can show their wealth while also having a backup plan if something were to go wrong. A Rolex in this manner is a much better buy than a fancy sports car or lavish clothing. So for people who already have wealth, there’s not much that could be seen as a better buy. The diversity of a Rolex financially is why you see so many millionaires that don’t like spending owning huge watch collections.

However, the real questions is whether a normal person can successfully invest in a Rolex. Now, assuming that you are a normal person interested in buying a Rolex I can suppose that the watch you are looking at probably costs four figures.

Obviously, a normal person looking to invest would be much better investing in the stock market than a Rolex. Typically, items are more difficult to invest in than the market. So, it is pretty obvious that the market would be a much better investment in returns.

Buying A Rolex

With that being said, there are ways to invest in Rolexes and get returns. The most important part of investing in the Rolex is knowing where to buy it from. You also need to know how to lower the price and make sure you get a good deal.

You need to treat buying a Rolex like a car. If you were to buy a car with zero miles on it, the second you drove it out of the parking lot it would lose twenty percent in value. You need to treat your Rolex the same way. Often used Rolexes provide tremendous deals since it takes a lot in order to damage a stainless steal watch.

Also, common buyers of Rolexes can often be descried as “stuck up”. Most of them don’t want to wear a watch that was worn by someone, which limits the amount of buyers. So, there won’t be as many bidders trying to buy the watch, which lowers the price. Once a watch is used, the only thing that can hurt its value is damage. If you take good care of the watch, it can really only go up from there.

Buying A Rolex On eBay

When it comes to buying, the best place is probably eBay. Obviously you should put a lot of research into the lowest price with the best quality before you buy. However, there is one quality of eBay that could change your mind on everything.

When buying on eBay, there is a way to get a significant amount of money invested for you. An app called Acorns, is an investment app that you can buy through and get money re-invested for you. The app offers a plan where eBay will invest one percent into your account when you buy something on eBay through them.

While one percent would usually be insignificant, when buying a five-thousand dollar Rolex it could be huge. Not only that you can get a free five dollars when you sign up here today. Using Acorns can be a great tactic to reducing the price of your Rolex even more.

Now that you have the Rolex, the best thing you can do is make sure you keep it in good condition. I do not know much about how to keep watches in good conditions, so I will link an article here.


When you are reselling your watch later on in life, chances are none of the current websites will be up. So, instead I will explain what to look for to sell your watch. Don’t sell your watch on a platform such as eBay. EBay isn’t necessarily where the lavish shop.

Instead sell you watch on a little known website where they have a wide variety of watches. Sites like these are where the richest shop. These sites will be able to sell your watch for the highest prices.