The Three Million Dollar Side-Hustles You’ve Never Heard Of

When looking back at the most valuable side-hustles, reselling is probably taking the cake. They hype-beast reselling scene has made brands such as Stock-X and Supreme billion dollar brands, and made many small resellers extremely rich. But I’ve found that the resellers who make bank all have something in common. All of the resellers made their money by reselling the product before it became popular.

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How To Make Stunning Pinterest Posts For Blogging

Pinterest posts are some of the best ways to promote your blog in order to gain more traffic. The best way to make Pinterest posts for blogging is Crello. Crello offers the most features and best templates for blogging posts on Pinterest. Even with this said, there are many tricks to get more clicks on your links in your Pinterest account.

When I started my website, everyone told me to go immediately to Pinterest for views. Pinterest was supposed to be the gold mine for bloggers and the ultimate way to go from zero to one-thousand views per month. However, I had no clue how to make posts that would go viral or even how to use Crello (tutorial at bottom).

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Reselling Shoes Review: The Best Side-Hustle In 2021?

As quarantined progressed, I found more and more people reselling shoes as a side-hustle or even a living. Almost every article I read said reselling shoes was the new wave and the best side-hustle. Almost daily, I was reading articles explaining how people were making ten-thousand a month and quitting their day job to resell shoes. Reselling shoes was always made to sound so simple. All you do is log into Snkrs at 10:00 am and buy the shoe. Then, you resell the shoe for profit on Stock-X or eBay.

With shoes selling for one-hundred dollars and immediately reselling for thousands, it was hard for me to not give reselling a try. It seems like a perfect business where you can’t possibly lose any money or time. However, after six months of hard work, all I did was lose money. People are lying to you when they say there is still serious money to be made in reselling shoes, and here’s why.

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Yotta Savings Review: The Worst Way To Save Money?

You may have recently heard of Yotta savings, a site that advertises a chance of winning ten million dollars per week. Now, a lot of people have been very skeptical of this app because of its forward thinking concepts. Yotta, if you didn’t know, applies interest in the form of a lottery system. Every week you pick numbers based on the amount of tickets you have. If you pick enough of the numbers that end up winning, you are awarded a prize that is supposed to act as your interest. The more money you put in the more tickets you get, so the more money you have the chance at making.

Most people that I’ve talked to have stayed away from Yotta because it sounds too good to be true and sounds like that it only benefits people with a lot of money. The idea of Yotta is very revolutionary in America which also turns a lot of people away. As someone who has had Yotta for a month now, some of this criticism is true and some is false. So, today we will be discussing the pros and cons of Yotta.

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The Math Problems That Will Make You A Millionaire

When we were in high school, math always felt like the least useful subject. For most of us, we thought we would never use math in real life or never gain anything money wise from it. However, for some of the geniuses out there, math can turn into more than just a career. If you solve one of these problems, you will not only be one of the most respected people on the earth, but you will also be a million dollars richer.

Obviously, I am not a math genius, so the explanations may not be thorough. If you would like to learn more about how these problems I will link the problem title with a detailed explanation from someone much smarter than I. Most of the problems are known as millennium problems, or generational problems that are searched for by millions.

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Acorns Review: The Best Investing App Of 2021

Acorns is an investing app that is becoming more and more popular. As all investing apps, some people hate acorns, yet some passionately love it. Acorns has many special properties that make it different than other investing apps such as Webull. Webull is basically just an app for the stock market. You can individually invest in stocks from the convenience of your phone.

Acorn is sort of like a long-term savings account, similar to a retirement account, with special features and on your phone. Acorns automatically invests for you at a degree of risk that you pick when you sign up. The app only requires an initial investment of five dollars. Depending on your plan, the app has a subscription fee of one to five dollars per month.

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How To Make Money Off Of Pokémon Cards

Reselling cards has become more popular as it has turned into more of a business, than a hobby. From Pokémon Cards to Sports Cards, these small collectibles should be worth nothing, but are selling for millions. Many places sell these collectibles, but E-Bay is the most popular with the most chance of profit.

Cards are small and cheap with a low margin for profit, usually. So, when reselling cards, it is crucial that you take every advantage for profit. The best way to resell these cards is always to buy from locals, but today we will be discussing how to buy and sell from eBay. A practice such as this can be more risky, but, when done correctly, can generate more money.

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How To Make Money Off Surveys In 2021

If you look up best side-hustles, ten-thousand articles will appear explaining how you can make forty-dollars per hour by completing surveys. But for those of us who’ve tried these apps, you tend to find that you never even qualify for the surveys. Even when you do get a survey they seem to pay nothing. You might be lucky to get one dollar per hour using these surveys. Money like this seems insignificant when you see these companies advertising thousands.

So why do all of these article say that you’re going to be the next Bill Gates by taking surveys? It all comes down to what everything else comes down to, money. The truth is that instead of paying people that take the surveys, they pay me through my affiliate link. So, before we start I am legally required to tell you that there are affiliate links in the article below that makes me money at no expense to you, and I am not a financial advisor.

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How to Save for Medium Sized Purchases

When talking to extremely wealthy people or hearing wealthy people talk, I have noticed that the top one percent often care more about how they spend their money on medium sized purchases instead of huge purchases. I’ve heard of millionaires that wouldn’t think about buying a Bentley but wouldn’t rock a $100 pair of shoes because they’re too “expensive.” I also know a person that makes an above average salary that lives in a trailer park because they don’t know how to stop buying shoes or save up for them. In conclusion I believe that the most important form of spending is your medium sized expenses. Median sized purchases are easy to spend more on than you intend as well as being expensive enough to impact your worth over time. Meaning, what you spend on the medium sized stuff is probably going to dictate a lot of your total worth. So before we begin, I am legally obliged to tell you that I am not a financial advisor and this article is only for informational purposes.

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