Yotta Savings Review: The Worst Way To Save Money?

You may have recently heard of Yotta savings, a site that advertises a chance of winning ten million dollars per week. Now, a lot of people have been very skeptical of this app because of its forward thinking concepts. Yotta, if you didn’t know, applies interest in the form of a lottery system. Every week you pick numbers based on the amount of tickets you have. If you pick enough of the numbers that end up winning, you are awarded a prize that is supposed to act as your interest. The more money you put in the more tickets you get, so the more money you have the chance at making.

Most people that I’ve talked to have stayed away from Yotta because it sounds too good to be true and sounds like that it only benefits people with a lot of money. The idea of Yotta is very revolutionary in America which also turns a lot of people away. As someone who has had Yotta for a month now, some of this criticism is true and some is false. So, today we will be discussing the pros and cons of Yotta.

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How to Save for Medium Sized Purchases

When talking to extremely wealthy people or hearing wealthy people talk, I have noticed that the top one percent often care more about how they spend their money on medium sized purchases instead of huge purchases. I’ve heard of millionaires that wouldn’t think about buying a Bentley but wouldn’t rock a $100 pair of shoes because they’re too “expensive.” I also know a person that makes an above average salary that lives in a trailer park because they don’t know how to stop buying shoes or save up for them. In conclusion I believe that the most important form of spending is your medium sized expenses. Median sized purchases are easy to spend more on than you intend as well as being expensive enough to impact your worth over time. Meaning, what you spend on the medium sized stuff is probably going to dictate a lot of your total worth. So before we begin, I am legally obliged to tell you that I am not a financial advisor and this article is only for informational purposes.

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